Thursday May 24, 2007

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We're not Dead...We're getting better

Posted by Jairen at Wednesday July 25, 2007 - 9:30pm

So we have been silent for what seems like 2 months now, however now that things ont his side have actually calmed down we can finally take this from a one comic one shot, and into the full fledged weekly comic it was meant to be. Keep an eye out as we are finally on a regular schedule, comic 2 should be up this week and it should be regular from this point forward. please bear with us and I hope you like the things to come!

Website Heavily Under Construction

Posted by Kassie at Friday May 25, 2007 - 2:39am

Hrm...okay, so huzzah the website is finally UP. Not very functional at the moment, but we're workin' on it.

Pretty much everything is broken right now, aside from the main page, latest comic, and contact. The navigation buttons are present on the comic page, though they really shouldn't be, considering there's only, well, one comic.

But for the time being they'll stay up so I can see what happens when I change template code and all.

Ahh...nothing like trial-and-error coding. Blah.

UPDATE (05/27/07):

News posts have been finally coded in to work /right/. Jair's got the Contact page up, though I've yet to throw in my little blurb to that. An Archive page has been made, though nowhere to link it, since we're having some difficulty with the drop-down menus

Some time in the next week this should all be done. Along with the next comic issue and possibly the "title page" comic thing...depends on how much time there's left after doing a 3ds max project. ><

-- Kasai

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